We’re excited to introduce you to the always interesting and insightful Katie Skoloff. We hope you’ll enjoy our conversation with Katie below.

Katie, appreciate you making time for us and sharing your wisdom with the community. So many of us go through similar pain points throughout our journeys and so hearing about how others overcame obstacles can be helpful. One of those struggles is keeping creativity alive despite all the stresses, challenges and problems we might be dealing with. How do you keep your creativity alive?Keeping my creativity alive is essential to my work and personal fulfillment. My inspiration comes from many areas of my life, including my extensive travels and experiences living and studying across the globe. Exploring different cultures, architectures, and design styles has and continues to enrich my perspective and fuel my creativity.

I am also continually inspired by the talented all-women team at In Site Designs. Collaborating with them on projects brings fresh ideas and perspectives to the table, igniting new creative sparks.

Outside of work, I find solace and inspiration in nature, particularly through gardening. Spending time outdoors allows me to reconnect with the beauty of the natural world and often sparks new design concepts. Cooking with fresh ingredients, too, is a creative outlet for me. The process of preparing meals with love not only nourishes my body but also my soul, providing a refreshing respite.

Equally important is nurturing personal relationships with friends, colleagues, my husband, and my family. Engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing experiences, and enjoying quality time together all contribute to keeping my creative spirit alive.

Great, so let’s take a few minutes and cover your story. What should folks know about you and what you do?
I am deeply passionate about creating exceptional spaces that enrich the lives of our clients. What excites me most about the design industry is its constant evolution and the endless opportunities for creativity and innovation. At In Site Designs, we specialize in luxury residential and commercial interior design, focusing on delivering bespoke solutions tailored to our clients’ unique needs and preferences. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to putting people at the center of everything we do. We believe that exceptional design is not just about aesthetics but also about enhancing functionality, comfort, and overall well-being. Our collaborative approach ensures that every project is a reflection of our clients’ personalities and lifestyles, resulting in spaces that truly resonate with them.

If you had to pick three qualities that are most important to develop, which three would you say matter most?
When reflecting on my journey, I believe that optimism, resilience, and passion for building relationships with others have been the three most impactful qualities that have guided me through both the triumphs and challenges of building In Site Designs as well as my other endeavors.

Optimism has been key, even in the face of adversity. It’s about seeing opportunities where others see obstacles and staying focused on the possibilities ahead.

Resilience has been essential in navigating the inevitable ups and downs of entrepreneurship. It’s about bouncing back from setbacks, learning from failures, and persevering in pursuit of your goals.

Passion for building relationship with others has been the driving force behind everything I do and is my favorite quality I can find in those around me. It fuels my creativity and inspires me to constantly push boundaries.

For those who are early in their journey, my advice would be to work to cultivate these qualities and skills. Embrace optimism as a guiding principle, develop resilience as a muscle that grows stronger with each challenge, and let your passion be the compass that points you toward your true purpose. Building relationships with others is also crucial; it not only provides support and inspiration but also enriches your journey. Remember that success is not always linear, but with dedication, perseverance, and a relentless belief in yourself, you can overcome any obstacle and achieve your dreams.

Okay, so before we go, is there anyone you’d like to shoutout for the role they’ve played in helping you develop the essential skills or overcome challenges along the way?

In my journey, my husband has been an invaluable source of support, guidance, and mentorship. With his own flourishing career and experience in building and mentoring high-performing teams, he has provided invaluable insights, advice, and encouragement every step of the way. Together, we have navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship, learned from each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and built multiple successful businesses. His mentorship has been instrumental in helping me develop the essential skills, qualities, and knowledge needed to be successful in both business and life. I am grateful for his unwavering support and belief in me

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