A Condo’s three-year journey from concept to completion in Falls Tower is a showcase of urban modern sensibility

Above the heart of downtown Greenville’s thriving urban center, a three-bedroom, three-bath, high-rise condominium seamlessly integrates modernist aesthetics with natural elements. Lead interior designer Ashton Acosta from In Site Designs embarked on a collaborative journey with architect Jamison Hupp, AIA, from Fathom Firm and Ridgeline Construction, to transform an empty cavity into a tranquil and sophisticated second home for the owners. “Throughout the process there was an effort for a meeting of the minds,” Hupp says, “bouncing ideas off one another or capturing an idea and running with it.”

New construction always presents a blank canvas of possibilities. Acosta and Hupp’s concept of exposed raw concrete pillars and hand-curved lime plaster walls integrate with custom-stained walnut millwork. European white oak floors and low-profile furniture maximize space while maintaining form and function. “Built-in millwork minimized stand-alone furniture and allowed the wall systems to become functional, pleasing backdrops to the occupied spaces,” Hupp says.

While the owners preferred an all-white palette, Acosta knew where depth and dimension were needed. “We balanced that by bringing in a lot of natural wood elements,” she says. “Stained wood in spaces warms it up so much.” Curves became a recurring theme–from the barrel-vaulted entry foyer to the recessed sconces in the gallery and harmonious blend of architectural and decorative lighting throughout, the result is a seamless fusion of graceful forms that lets sweeping views of mountains and the park take center stage.

The three-year journey from concept to completion involved detailed coordination between architect, designer, fabricators and skilled tradespeople. Custom ironwork by Daniel Marinelli added bespoke luxury to the kitchen and bar. “I tried and used everything,” Acosta says, “Of course, it’s beautiful, but you have to make sure it actually works.”

Pieces from the owner’s art collection influenced the color palette of each room enhanced by intentional design surprises around every corner. “It’s customized to what the owner wants, but it’s curated,” Acosta says, “The way each room is used was very thought through.”

“These modern details are difficult to execute without thinking ahead from both a design and constructability standpoint,” says Hupp. The collaborative efforts of a talented team attentive to the specific needs of their client have delivered a refined space, shaped by scale and light, that would feel as much at home in NYC or Chicago as it does in Greenville—a city that keeps reaching new heights in South Carolina.

Falls Tower Condo Highlights

The primary bedroom includes commissioned artwork over the bed by Lauren Bolshakov (via Art and Light Gallery, framing by Bennetts’ Frame & Art Gallery]. The tarnished silver bedside bedside sconces become perfect reading partners with lighting by Apparatus (NYC).

Concrete pillars were left intentionally exposed at transition points, adding a mottled aesthetic that complements this framed Eli Warren photograph and the meandering house plants.

A home can be minimalistic without feeling sparse if it has the luxury of embracing expansive mountain views above an internationally recognized riverfront park. The sleek interior aesthetic extends to both finishings and functional items in the home. In this space, the recessed blinds, executed by Blinds and Us, allow light to embrace the artwork by Charles Harold Art.

The home incorporates low-profile furniture with this Verellen sofa with custom upholstery. Artist Jeremy Russell was commissioned to create an abstract rendering of the condo’s view to hang over the fireplace, complemented by a sculpture by Phillips Collection and planters by Ashton Acosta.

Light neutral tones on the balcony allow the eye to focus on the rich, varied colors that make up Greenville’s vibrant downtown scene.

A third bedroom serves as a home office, accented by walnut cabinetry by Aluxura. The owners wanted a standing desk, so In Site Designs purchased a motorized base and commissioned a matching wood surface for it.

The bathroom off the office is distinct for its Lacava stone trough sink from ProSource.

Chunky, woven swivel chairs from Bernhardt are ideal for settling down to enjoy the pleasing 180-degree views. Modern lighting, by L+ARC Lighting Design, is incorporated throughout the interior of the home.

The two bathrooms off the main bedrooms are identical in size with only slight variations of layout. There is a balance between aesthetic atmospheric lighting and functional light. A large walk-in shower has a bench seat and plumbing by Waterworks.

Natural light penetrates very deep into the condo, making its welcome way even into these more private areas. The bath cabinetry is the same walnut seen throughout the home, but with its grain turned on a 45-degree angle in these rooms. In place of more traditional hardware, pulls were used to keep cabinetry lines clean. One finish informs another to create an integrated style of furnishings, fixtures and tastefully selected organic elements.

An Ulia soaking tub under a select piece of artwork provides an uncluttered, soothing environment to escape and relax. “The way I like to work is through categories,” says lead interior designer Ashton Acosta.“We’ll do all of the tile and once that is selected, it informs the countertops.” Architect Jamison Hupp says, “We really enjoy telling a story while meeting our clients’ needs for spatial design and function.”

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